I'm no longer taking new customers as my time is too thin.

Computer Update is a Wayzata based web design and computer consulting firm offering PC, server and networking expertise to the western suburbs of Minneapolis, MN.

My name is Brian Mason. I started Computer Update back in 1996 when I used to upgrade computers. The company grew over time to cover the MPLS area with up to 5 other people helping me out.

Currently, I'm back to being a one-man shop spending most of my time on web site development. I also consult for smaller companies and organizations, giving them a website and email, and in some cases I'll install a server to network their machines and centralize backups and antivirus.

I also do personal computer work for some wealthy executives living in the Lake Minnetonka area. I generally don't like to do residential work, but in these cases, I want these CEO's to trust in technology and know that it doesn't have to be hard or that they don't have to expect bugs and crashes. Ultimately, the goal of any IT guy should be to make the computer disappear so that the user forgets he is using it.

I charge a simple $135 per hour for all my work to make billing easy. I think that's a pretty good rate if you compare the local big guys in the Twin Cities.

I've made generic web sites from scratch,with Blogger, WordPress, and mostly the big daddy of CMS, Joomla.

I'm using a fun template on my site this month to showcase the many possible looks that can be easily made.

ps - a caller asked if this site was supposed to generate business. Heck no! I'm way too busy already. All current customers will be taken care of, but you almost have to know someone now to 'get in' :)