I'm no longer taking new customers as my time is too thin.

What can I do for a small office?

Inventory, access, recommend, implement.

I'll look at your current setup - how old are the current machines, what version of Office are you on, what are you using for antivirus, etc.

I'll look at what you use computers for, what your business does, how well you're making use of technology, can we reduce monthly costs, etc.

I'll recommend a strategy to make technology work for you in a cost effective way. I hate inefficiency and am pretty good at automating away mundane, tedious, or wasteful things that seem to build up over time that the users have just gotten use to.

What's the most I could do as a one-man shop in this area?

I used to install Small Business Server, but am now moving on to Microsoft Intune, it's sort of the baby brother to the large Configuration Manager product.

I'll get it setup and configured and hand it over to you (if you like).

Am I qualified to do all this? Read my bio page.